Quality Vs Quant

Should You Always Focus On Quality Over Quantity?

Quality Over Quanity is the drive to pursue a greater value over more volume. Anything can be subjective in value, but it is how we attempt to build things that last and are useful in every way possible instead of cheap and pointless that matters.

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The Insight 💡

Quality provides value in many circumstances where quantity fails. It resists the trials of time and leaves us better off. We value things that solve our problems no matter their quantity. Even though quality is subjective, its primary purpose is efficacy.

Quality Over QUANTITY

The SIZE doesn't matter!

If you're starting a business or a project, you might be put into a situation where you have to provide either good quality or large quantity.

I'll provide you with a brief guide that shows you why you should put quality over quantity. Let's dive right in!

What is the Concept of Quality Over Quantity?

Quality describes the value of an item, service, object, or just about anything where quantity describes its volume or amount regardless of how poorly or well made or done it is.

The concept of quality over quality is simply the drive to pursue the maximum value of a small number of anything, whether physical or not, over having a large number or volume of poor value of the same criteria.

Notable Examples of Quality over Quantity

There are plenty of examples that describe the essence of "quality over quantity." Let's have a quick look at some of them.

1. Memories

One of the most significant examples of quality over quantity is how we regard and use our items.

When we were young, we were always hoping for new toys and items. However, as we grow older, we tend to use some items more than others. And even in our memories, you won't remember everything you had, but you'll never forget the things that gave you the most joy as you grew up.

2. Machinery and Devices

There are two approaches when buying tools, gadgets, and devices. On the one hand, you can buy a set of cheap hardware tools with multiple attachments or buy one with fewer attachments but with higher build quality and value.

Although the cheap set gives you a wide range of attachments, you might never put them to use, and once the cheap set gives in or breaks, you'll need to buy a new one.

But in the high-quality set case, you may pay more, but you'll get more value for what you've paid for, and it should last you longer and cost you less in maintenance, which makes it a more cost-effective item.

3. Relationships

We might be introduced to thousands of people throughout our lives, whether they're from school, college, work, or even online.

However, only a few of them remain close to us over the years. Most of our memories are also with these people, even if we don't spend as much time with them.

Reasons Why You Should Quality Over Quantity

As you can see, there are plenty of examples of how quality is more significant in our life than quantity.

  • They're More Cost Effective: As you've noticed from the device's example, paying a higher premium for a quality item once can be a much wiser decision financially than buying a new low-quality item every time it breaks.
  • Quality Doesn't Necessarily Mean Expensive: Although most quality items are pricier than low-quality ones, they're not necessarily expensive. With proper research, you can easily find excellent high-quality items that come at a reasonable price.
  • We Tend to Remember Quality More Than Quantity: Our brains are hardwired to pick quality over quantity, whether it's more quality time or a higher quality item.
  • It's the Key to a Repeat Customer: From a business point of view, a customer who experienced multiple options will always choose to return to the one that provided them with the most value for what they paid.
  • It Creates Trust: When we think of big brands in any industry, we are not merely referring to them as the amount the goods or services they produce but rather the quality of their products. Thinks of brands like Apple, Samsung, or Microsoft, to name a few.

The Opposite Case

Is the quality first mentality optimal though? No

The argument so far was that quality will be preferred as far as outcome is concerned, however, it is not always optimal.

In the very unlikely domain— the creative space, putting too much emphasis on quality leads to the curse of perfectionism. It leads to diminishing returns and missed opportunities.

Thriving for quality is good but overthinking it is counterproductive. In some cases, you need to produce as much as possible of potentially average things and improve on them as you go.

Indeed this article and this blog at large are perfect examples. We did not wait until we got everything right to start publishing content or building the website.

We produced and decided when everything was good enough to provide value and then publish.

As time goes by, we tweak and improve the website and the content to make it better.

The reason behind this is because as you produce more you improve therefore tilting toward quality.

Music, filmmaking, writing, design, or making crafts are all examples of creative activities.

I making the case for the creative space because creative people tend to be perfectionists generally speaking, and this might be destructive to their creativity.

The more of a perfectionist you become, the less work you produce, the more you lose on the opportunity to receive feedback from the outside world, feedback that is crucial for your growth and ultimately the quality of your output.

Final Thoughts

This wraps it up for this simple guide about quality and why you should prioritize it over quality, especially if you're running a business or a project.

However, when it comes to building certain skills, quantity is helpful in that it will get you to quality because the more you practice, the better it becomes.

As you can see, the value of an element will always matter more than its volume, whether it's the quality of a product you sell or a service that you provide.


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